Managed Services

With today’s ever-shifting eCommerce and Cyber landscapes, keeping your business both innovative and secure takes dedicated time and skill.

Do you want the freedom to focus on your core business, rather than being constantly worried about your online security? If the answer’s yes, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, many clients count on Accel to handle their day-to-day online security needs through our Managed Services.

How does it work?

We know that digital transformation can be tough. Even once the initial changes have been made, ongoing support and maintenance is required to make sure security systems keep running with continuous availability and optimal security.

At Accel, we have years of experience helping businesses move from owned infrastructure to the cloud, by working out the best data access rights and correlating systems, applications, networks and devices to suit their needs. We also pride ourselves on the enduring relationships we’ve built with clients, as we continue to support them and add value, post initial transformation.

When Accel is taking care of your platform security, you can expect:

  • To deal with a team experienced in understanding the needs and priorities of C-suite clients.
  • Help will be on hand with everything from security risk to incident management.
  • Accurate assessment of network, cloud and web application risks including pen testing.

Our Managed Services include:

What’s involved?

Through our ongoing SLA-based ‘business as usual’ services, Accel can ensure your online platform is always running smoothly, and securely. These services encompass both eCommerce and Security, and they include:

  • 24/7 coverage for business critical platforms
  • Dedicated support team capability
  • On-going eCommerce platform updates 
  • PCI Compliance (on-going needs)
  • Recurring Intrusion Detection Scans 
  • SIEM Deployment
  • On-going remediation

More information

Tailored to your organisation, our managed services are purpose-built to provide scale and depth, with the added knowledge from our cyber security specialists.

Download our Managed Services Fact Sheet for more information.

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