Accel announces a new business direction and the appointment of two new Directors

07 Dec 2021

Tony Dormer Chairman

After launching with a new name and brand, Accel (previously Studio 60) is excited to announce the next chapter in their story. Having bolstered their leadership team with two key hires, they are embarking on a new strategy focused primarily on specialist web security services.

Accel’s name was inspired by their mission to help businesses ‘accelerate securely’ by securing their eCommerce operations. The team recognised the growing need for these specialised cyber security services, especially given the sobering fact that one third of online businesses that suffer from a cyber-attack will never recover. The new direction is underpinned by an according set of values, which include honesty, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to solving customer problems.

This evolution of Accel’s business has been driven by a reinvigorated leadership team. In recent months, Accel has brought two new Directors on board, each of whom brings significant expertise to the team: Dannielle K. Pearson and Taural Rhoden.

Accel’s first key appointment was Dannielle, who has moved into the role of Strategy and Growth Executive Director. Dannielle’s journey has seen her work in a hugely diverse range of environments – from the US Intelligence community through to senior strategy roles within software companies across the world. After moving to Australia in 2011, Dannielle spent over four years with Salesforce before forming her own consultancy, and accepting her new role at Accel.

“I believe in taking a data centric approach to devising a strategic direction – and with Accel, we have the benefit of both demonstrated capability and observed market opportunity,” says Dannielle. “The nexus of these two worlds made our new strategy clear from the start.

“Our goal is to bring a new sense of clarity to the Cyber market, which is largely unregulated and highly fragmented. eCommerce platforms are one of the most common targets of cyberattacks, yet most retailers are ill-equipped and ill-informed on how to contend with such attacks. At Accel, we want to guide our clients through the world of Cyber whilst delivering best in class eCommerce platforms that are fit for purpose.”

Meanwhile, Accel’s new Executive Director of Operations & Delivery is Taural Rhoden – an accomplished leader of digital transformation projects, customer experience and application implementation. Taural is thrilled to be part of the Executive Leadership team at Accel Digital.

At Accel, we want to guide our clients through the world of Cyber whilst delivering best in class eCommerce platforms that are fit for purpose.

“I’ve seen professional services from a lot of different angles, including the client side,” says Taural. “What I’m really looking forward to doing at Accel is combining all these perspectives to help create a business that solves business problems through technology – and can scale in a way that’s genuinely sustainable. Accel has a tremendous history, and the path we’re intending to carve out is very exciting. We have the potential to build something really unique, and all the right people we need to do it. I’m delighted to be helping steer the ship.”

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